Training and Exercise

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Health Care Provider After Action Report Improvement Plan This resource is an After Action Report Improvement Plan template and instructions, provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. It is intended to be a user-friendly tool for healthcare providers to document their performance during emergency planning exercises and real emergency events. It is modeled after the US Department of Homeland Security's HSEEP program (Homeland Security Exercise & Evaluation Program), Vol. III AAR/IP, February 2007. For more resources on evaluating exercises, visit the TRACIE website and search in the Topic Collection for EVALUATION PROGRAM for additional resources on this topic. Preparedness Exercise, Sample Templates & Toolkits, Training Resources
LTC Shots Fired TTX Exercise The LTC Shots Fired tabletop exercise (TTX) wa developed by the New Jersey Health Care Association to test the capabilities of long term care facilities, including skilled nursing and assisted living facilities to respond to an Active Shooter event within their operations. The design and execution of the exercise followed HSEEP requirements. This document is the LTC Shots Fired TTX After Action Report / Improvement Plan and includes the exercise design as well as after action report information. Incident Response, Preparedness Exercise, Training Resources
Medicare Learning Network This is a link to the Medicare Learning Network, where notices of National Calls and Webinars are listed as well as recordings of past national calls and webinars. A search tool provides a quick way to find Emergency Preparedness events, past, current and future. Recommendations & Guidance, Regulations and Mandates, Training Resources
Video: Run, Hide, Fight - Surviving an Active Shooter Event, by the US Department of Homeland Security and the City of Houston The “Run, Hide, Fight” video was developed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with the City of Houston, TX. It offers helpful advice on how to survive an encounter with an “active shooter.” Incident Response, Recommendations & Guidance, Training Resources
Video: Options for Consideration Active Shooter Preparedness Video, US Department of Homeland Security This video created by the US Department of Homeland Security demonstrates possible actions to take if confronted with an active shooter scenario. The video also shows how to assist authorities once law enforcement enters the scene. Incident Response, Recommendations & Guidance, Training Resources
FHCA Emergency Management Guide for Nursing Homes (2008) The EM Guide for Nursing Homes was developed in 2008 through a grant funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation to the Florida Health Care Association. Development of the Guide was done in partnership with the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Preparedness and Response. The 265-page guide includes five sections, including the basic emergency operations plan elements, sample appendices, explanation of hazard types, incident command, and training. Checklist, Evacuation Planning, Hazard Vulnerability Assessment, Recommendations & Guidance, Sample Templates & Toolkits, Training Resources
Hospital Preparedness Program Information Sharing Webinars The Florida Department of Health's Information-Sharing Webinars focus on new information, experiences, and best practices between Florida's health care system partners. This webpage contains information on upcoming webinars as well as recordings, slides, and supporting documents from past department's information sharing series. Past topics include fatality management and Ham radio operators. Training Resources
FEMA Emergency Management Institute - List of Independent Study Courses FEMA Emergency Management Institute Independent Study Program - list of courses. Training Resources
Discussion Based Tabletop Exercise: Design Template and Documentation This resource is a guide for use in designing and facilitating a tabletop exercise, as well as providing a tool for documenting the performance and findings during the exercise. Training Resources
Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference Materials - 2016 This is a link to the website of the Governor's Hurricane Conference (Florida). Presentation slides and in some cases, session recordings, are available for downloading. Various sessions will be of interest to long term care providers. Reports & Articles, Training Resources
Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Centers - National Resource List CDC provides funding for 14 Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Centers (PERLCs) across the U.S. These centers provide training to state, local, and tribal public health authorities within self-defined service areas and meet partners' unique workforce development needs in the area of public health preparedness and response; specialized training, education, and consultation. This CDC webpage provides links to each center. Many PERLCs have resources for long term care facilities. Research, Training Resources
Video: Healthcare Active Shooter Training Video This healthcare active shooter training video was produced by the MESH Coalition, a non-profit, public-private healthcare preparedness coalition located in Marion County, Indiana (Indianapolis). The video setting is a hospital. Training Resources
Video: Don't Sweat It - Preparing for Disasters in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities This video was developed to be an educational tool for staff training on emergency preparedness specific to long-term care facilities. The scenario follows staff as they deal with a major storm that causes a week-long power outage. The video covers topics including preparedness, sheltering in place, and evacuation. Source: Virginia Department of Health and Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, through grant funding provided by the Office of Assistant Secretary For Preparedness and Response (ASPR). Training Resources
NHICS: Nursing Home Incident Command System This resource, updated in 2017 by the California Association of Healthcare Facilities, provides a guide and extensive supporting documents and tools associated with the Nursing Home Incident Command System (NHICS), which can be used by facilities regardless of size or resident care capabilities, to assist with emergency planning and response efforts for all hazards. Incident Response, Recommendations & Guidance, Sample Templates & Toolkits, Training Resources
Safe Evacuation Tabletop Exercise for Long Term Care Facilities (California) This guidebook will help Long Term Care facilities (LTC) evaluate their preparedness for an evacuation. This guidebook contains all the materials necessary to conduct a simulated evacuation using a tabletop exercise. No actual patient movement is involved. Checklist, Evacuation Planning, Preparedness Exercise, Recommendations & Guidance, Sample Templates & Toolkits, Training Resources