Planning and Response

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Tips for Evacuating Vulnerable Populations Tips for Evacuating Vulnerable Populations Evacuation Planning
National Criteria for Evacuation Decision-Making in Nursing Homes A first of its kind, the criteria supports nursing home administrators, regional representatives, and owners in identifying external and internal triggers that contribute to a decision to evacuate or shelter-in-place. Evacuation Planning
GAO 06826 Limitations in Federal Evacuation Assistance for Health Facilities Should be Addressed Hurricane Katrina demonstrated difficulties involved in evacuating communities and raised questions about how hospitals and nursing homes plan for evacuations and how the federal government assists. The Government Accountability Office assessed the evacuation of hospital patients and nursing home residents. They examined (1) the challenges hospital and nursing home administrators faced, (2) the extent to which limitations exist in the design of the National Disaster Medical (NDMS) to assist with patient evacuations, and (3) the federal requirements for hospital and nursing home disaster and evacuation planning. Research
Disaster Acronyms and Glossary Disaster Acronyms and Glossary Checklist