Planning and Response

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National Criteria for Evacuation Decision-Making in Nursing Homes A first of its kind, the criteria supports nursing home administrators, regional representatives, and owners in identifying external and internal triggers that contribute to a decision to evacuate or shelter-in-place. Evacuation Planning
Minnesota Long Term Care Preparedness Toolkit Developed for LTC providers in Minnesota, this toolkit can be used by facility owners, administrators, and staff. Information includes: sample templates, forms and suggested resources to develop and/or enhance facility emergency preparedness plans within LTC throughout the state of Minnesota. It should not be viewed as a static document but one that provides a foundation for an All Hazards approach to preparedness, planning, and response activities. While the tool was developed for Minnesota providers, the information provided may serve as a general guide for use by readers in other states. Checklist, Evacuation Planning, Hazard Vulnerability Assessment, Recommendations & Guidance, Sample Templates & Toolkits
Members Only: FHCA Plant Operations Hurricane Planning Checklist This checklist helps a skilled nursing and post-acute care center take a close look their campus and physical plant to ensure it is ready for wind, rain or other severe weather. The checklist includes the Plant Operations Emergency Kit List, developed by the Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) Emergency Preparedness Council for FHCA members. To fully access this resource, you must be a member of FHCA. After clicking on the resource, you’ll be directed to the FHCA website where you may sign-in with your user name and password, or obtain more information about how to become a member. Checklist
Mass Fatality Planning - Managing Remains in Disasters This document is a sample policy/procedure available from the California Association of Health Facilities' Disaster Program. Sample Templates & Toolkits
Management of Dead Bodies After Disasters: A Field Manual for First Responders Though not written specifically for LTC facilities, this document from the Pan American Health Organization provides guidance in several sections that are applicable to LTC facilities that must manage human remains during disaster situations when a proper morgue or funeral home is unable to provide assistance. Recommendations & Guidance
LTC Emergency Operations Plan Evaluation From the California Association of Health Facilities, this evaluation tool helps LTC facilities evaluate their disaster plans and identify opportunities for improvement and enhancement. Checklist
Long-Term, Home Health, and Hospice Care Planning Guide for Public Health Emergencies This 280-page Planning Guide focuses on six topic areas identified by stakeholders: situational awareness, continuity of operations, facility or agency operations, crisis standards of care, staffing, and fatality management. Each topic area is addressed using the terminology and the framework outlined in the National Response Plan and the National Response Framework, which are Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) documents prescribing the national response to man-made emergencies and natural disasters. Additionally, each topic area is presented in a manner that allows the user to develop needed sections in a long-term, home health, or hospice care facility's or agency's public health emergency preparedness and response plan. Several worksheets are included. Recommendations & Guidance
Long Term Care Facility Evacuation Resident Assessment Form for Transport and Destination This page on the California Association of Healthcare Facilities is dedicated to evacuation planning resources and tools. Included is an Incident Response Guide for Evacuation. Evacuation Planning, Sample Templates & Toolkits
Long Term Care Facilities Evacuation Tips - Minnesota Department of Health This resource is a link to the Minnesota Department of Health's page for healthcare emergency preparedness, including evacuation tips. Evacuation Planning
Long Term Care and Other Residential Facilities: Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist This CDC checklist helps long-term care and other residential facilities self-assess the strengths and weaknesses of their plans for responding to pandemic influenza. This tool also provides links to websites with helpful information. Checklist, Influenza, Recommendations & Guidance
Letter to Families/Reps to Inform of Emergency Plans (template) This resource from the California Association of Health Facilities provides a same one-page letter to families/representatives to advise of the facility's emergency plans. Sample Templates & Toolkits
Incorporating Active Shooter Incident Planning into Health Care Facility Emergency Operations Plans Health care settings represent a very unique set of challenges for active shooter planning and workplace violence. This document is primarily designed to encourage health care facilities (HCFs) to consider how to better prepare for an active shooter incident. Though hospitals and many other HCFs have emergency operations plans (EOPs), this document provides emergency planners, disaster committees, executive leadership, and others involved in emergency operations planning with detailed discussions of unique issues faced in an HCF. This document also includes discussions on related topics, including information sharing, psychological first aid (PFA), and law enforcement/security. Recommendations & Guidance, Reports & Articles, Sample Templates & Toolkits
Incident Response Guide - Utility Failure This tool, Incident Response Guide - Utility Failure, is available on the California Association of Healthcare Facilities Emergency Preparedness Program website. Checklist, Incident Response, Power Outages, Sample Templates & Toolkits
Improving Long Term Care Resiliency: Using Proven Mutual Aid Concepts for Disasters This is a presentation handout of a workshop conducted at the 2015 Really Ready 5 Conference of the California Association of Health Care Facilities. The presentation describes, an emergency planning system that some states are using to complement local, regional and state emergency response strategies. In the planning system, participating healthcare facilities commit to helping each other in an emergency to support resident evacuation or provide resources and assets to avoid evacuation through participation in the mutual aid plan. Evacuation Planning
HVA Risk Assessment Tool in Excel Format This is the companion resource in Excel Format to the Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) Risk Assessment Tool developed by the Big Bend Health Care Coalition ( To download a copy of the main resource in, type the full name of the resource in the search bar (Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) Risk Assessment Tool). Hazard Vulnerability Assessment